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Opthalmic surgeon Petri Oksman tells us about laser surgery

Opthalmic Surgeon Petri Oksman Tells Us About Laser Surgery

Eye laser surgery began in 1997 and since then there has been made around the world tens of millions of cases. First, the operations were made to the surface of the eye (PRK), later using the method LASIK(under a fläp) that is currently the world’s most common operation. The flap can be made also with the laser (femto), or lasering can also be performed inside the cornea (SMILE).

The most common cause of laser eye surgery is myopia, that is one does not see far without glasses. Also, astigmatism can be treated, as well as a small hyperopic errors. With presbyopia laser treatment is not as good as for younger patients, but for people with the need of reading glasses a lens surgery with multifocal lenses is the best option.

The increase of myopia must be stopped, that is to stay for a year or two so that the result of the surgery is permanent. Be sure to visit the same clinic for check ups so that the result is repeatable and reliable. The pre-examination for treatment includes measuring the refractive error and the parameters of cornea and the health status of eyes to determine eligibility for the treatment.