Cataract Surgery In Fuengirola, Málaga
Cataract surgery in Fuengirola, Malaga

Cataract Surgery

A cataract surgery is the single most common surgical procedure in the world. Everyone will be affected by cataracts sooner or later, and almost everyone will be treated with cataract surgery at some point in their lives. The clouded lens will be replaced with a clear artificial lens, and after the surgery, the symptoms complicating your life will disappear. Book your pre-examination today to our cozy clinic in the heart of Fuengirola, Malaga.


Cataract causes the lens to start clouding gradually. The symptoms include loss of vision, need to use brighter lights, troubles with reading, seeing far, seeing and driving in the dark. In other words, cataract will affect most aspects of your life. Some people get used to the symptoms of the gradually progressing disease, and only after the surgery will they understand how they have looked at their lives through a clouded lens.
Cirugía Ocular De Cataratas




An ophthalmic specialist will diagnose cataracts. In the examination, the specialist will test your visual acuity examine the structure of your eyes, iridocorneal angles, intraocular pressure, the structure of the lens and the state of the optical nerve and fundus. Various equipment will be utilized in the examination, such as OCT (optical coherence tomography), fundus camera, possibly perimetry to measure visual range, cornea topography. Other equipment is also used for selecting the lens to be used in the surgery.

One purpose of the appointment is to select the best possible lens, taking into consideration any possible astigmatism of the eye. With the correct choice of the lens you will no longer need glasses for shortsightedness or reading, and if an intraocular multifocal lens is used you will no longer need glasses at all. In this case, the surgery is called presbyopia correction surgery.



After the examination, the surgery is scheduled. Before the surgery starts, you will receive drops to dilate the pupils and antibiotic drops in you eyes. You should arrive at the clinic approximately half an hour before the surgery, which will last from 5 to 15 minutes. After the operation you will receive instructions for aftercare before going home.


Check Up

The first check up appointment is set for the following day after surgery, and the next usually a month later.

The purpose of the check up appointment is to ensure the healing of the eye, intraocular pressure and fundus are normal. If glasses are needed, you will receive a prescription.


After the surgery, your vision will improve, colours will look brighter and you will not need glasses all the time, perhaps you may not need glasses at all. Your mobility will improve thanks to better vision, and many people say that even their spirits have improved due to their improved vision after the surgery. The results of cataract surgery are permanent and lenses will not need to be changed.

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