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Presbyopia surgery In Fuengirola, Malaga


Presbyopia or tired eyesight is part of the normal aging process, therefore it is common to all people from the age of 40.
It consists of loss of the accommodative capacity of the crystalline lens that causes progressive difficulty in focusing on nearby objects and, therefore, limits our ability to perform near vision tasks such as reading or the ability to use a mobile phone.

At Clínica Sol Eyes we specialise in the treatment of this pathology to achieve independence from glasses.
Our specialists assess each case individually to offer you the best solution to your problem and guarantee an optimal result.


Currently there are 2 treatment possibilities:

Not all lasers have this advanced technology, which has considerably improved the obtained results.



Lensectomy or replacement of the normal crystalline lens with a multifocal lens that adapts to different distances. The estimated duration of the treatment is 15 to 20 minutes. It is performed under local anesthesia and after a short time in the waiting room the patient can go home.


Excimer laser

Excimer laser: SUPRACOR. The most modern versions of Excimer lasers incorporate Presbilasik technology that allows for a treatment that corrects tired eyesight without the need for intraocular surgery and lens implantation. On our laser platform this treatment is called Supracor.
The treatment is carried out on the cornea in a few seconds, giving the patient back the possibility of being free of the need for glasses in most of their daily activity.


At Clínica Sol Eyes we specialise in innovative treatments for presbyopia and achieving independence from glasses.

Our specialists assess each case individually to offer you the best solution to your problem and guarantee an optimal result.

It is necessary to carry out an exhaustive examination to assess each case and choose the appropriate treatment.

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    The answer to all your questions about Presbyopia

    Blurry near vision is the main symptom.

    It is an evolutionary process. The patient may initially perceive that objects vibrate, and that it is difficult to read in low light conditions. The symptoms are getting worse, and if it is not corrected, it can generate:

    • headache
    • eye redness
    • dizziness

    Historically, presbyopia has been corrected with glasses This is either with glasses only for near vision or, if the patient previously wears glasses, with bifocal or progressive glasses that adapt to all distances.

    Fortunately, progress in the development of intraocular lenses has made it possible over the years to offer alternatives to near vision glasses.
    We currently have multifocal lenses, which replace the patient’s crystalline lens and are capable of adapting to all distances, limiting the use of glasses to exceptional situations.
    It is necessary to carry out a thorough evaluation to know the suitability of each patient, individually, for these lenses.

    There is another possibility of treatment. The excimer laser.

    It consists of treating the cornea to recover near vision without the need to replace the patient’s crystalline lens. There are various possibilities within laser treatment that doctors will assess and offer to the patient, discussing advantages and possible limitations.

    No. In reality, there is a range of possibilities and it is the interview with the patient and the complementary tests that are carried out that allow the specialist to offer the patient the ideal treatment for them.