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Petri Oksman

"A couple of years ago, my wife and I fell in love with the climate and life of Andalucia. We decided to start an eye clinic where we could utilize all the know-how that we have gained during the past two decades. In my spare time I go cross-country biking and hiking, and I also read a lot."



- Specialist in Ophthalmology 1995

- Specialist in Ophthalmic Surgery 2004


Work experience

- Medilaser, Ophthalmic Surgeon 2008-2015

- Eira Hospital, Ophthalmic Surgeon 2009-2015

- Sol Eyes S.L. Administrator 2015-


For the past two decades, Petri Oksman has been working as an ophtalmic surgeon, and during that time he has worked as the attending physician and the medical director of Medilaser Oy. Petri Oksman has founded Sol Eyes and works as its attending physician.


Hobbies and spare time

- Sport activities (gym, swimming)

- Golf

- Ex-triathlete (3 Ironman competitions)

- Photography

- Cycling (road, mtb, time trial)

- Pool









Erja Oksman 

"A few years ago my husband and I fell in love with the Andalucian scenery and life and decided to buy a place to live here. Our family consists of my husband and I and five young adults who visit the Costa del Sol quite often. I love hiking in the Mijas mountains, Spanish culture and great food."



- Licenciate of Medicine 1993

- Specialist in Ophthalmology 2000


Work experience

- Specialist in Medilaser Oy since 2000.

- Specialist, Sol Eyes S.L. 2015-


Hobbies and spare time

- Cycling

- Hiking

- Swimming

- Running

- Yoga