About a year ago I had a SMILE operation at the end of my hunting trip. I want to recommend the service, as all my special needs were taken into account before the surgery and the procedure was executed with great results! Before I used to have a problem with my near sight and I had to remove the glasses for adjusting my gun in the woods where it's usually very foggy, but now I can see extremely close without any vision aids! The recovery went very well, and just as it was told the operation was completely pain free. If I had believed in this earlier, I would have taken the surgery already years ago!


I do some bike racing, and when I was cycling I was forced to use contact lenses, and when I was reading books I had to have a pair of reading glasses on top of them. Someone might call it a bit tricky, and I have to admit it was. I came to read some articles about Petri Oksman telling about lens operations, and the next thing I knew I was already on my way to his clinic all the way from Torrevieja. Was the trip worth it? Yes it was. Having Your eyes examined with the best possible technology in Spain and the results were analyzed to the spot as Petri calculated the right lenses for me. The decision about having the operation was done, and about a week later I drove back to Benalmadena for my surgery. I may have been a bit tense on the morning of the surgery, but that probably is just normal? Thinking about it later I realize there was no need for that. The operation was over in less than an hour, and Petri spoke me through the whole process from the beginning to the end. My vision began to recover immediately after surgery and already in the evening I could watch TV and read from my phone screen without any glasses. In the morning I was booked for a routine follow-up inspection where Petri couldn't find any letters in smaller size that I couldn't read. Now, two years have passed since the surgery and I have no regrets what so ever. I will definitely recommend this operation to everyone. I really do recommend to find the true Ironman in his profession for the job, and in this case it was Sol Eyes and Dr. Petri Oksman.

Keijo P

I would like to thank the Orthopedic specialist, Dr. Jarmo Toivanen, who despite my fear could help me yesterday thanks to his professional and humane way of taking me into consideration. It is seldom that one gets as good service at a clinic or at a specialist. Thank you Jarmo Toivanen! I can really recommend him.


I want to thank the whole staff at Sol Eyes and especially Dr. Petri Oksman for a successful laser operation! 😍 Now I can see the world with new eyes! I recommend warmly, be brave and get rid of the glasses! 😎


Today on the anniversary of my lens operation, I started to think back on how it had all gone. It felt like a good decision to replace Finland and frost in mid-January to Spain's warmer weather, to take care of the age-related vision problems I had suffered from for a long time. For over forty years I have never worn glasses, and the idea of reading glasses felt more and more unnatural to me. The pre-examination took place on the first day of the holiday. Then we got to enjoy in peace with my wife of excellent tapas, fine beaches, mountain villages, hiking and the Andalusian sun. I felt a little tense on the day of operation, but SolEyes staff made me feel relaxed quickly, thanks to their superb customer care. The operation itself was easy and quickly over. Only 15 minutes after the operation I was able to read the text on the mobile screen. I had not been able to do it without glasses for a good while - so the feeling was incredible! A big thank you to the skilled eye surgeon Petri Oksman - I highly recommend SolEyes. This was a holiday trip, which I got to enjoy and benefit from for the rest of my life!

Juha 50 years

Today I had an appointment with Dr. Appelberg, and I must say that I have never experienced such a pleasant visit to the gynecologist! Dr. Appelberg is calm and extremely professional. He took his time to explain everything thoroughly, which was amazing. A big thank you for the incredibly good service!

Jasmin K

MMA-fighter David "Lil-D" Andersen used to wear contact lenses day in-day out and they really bothered his daily training routines and fights because the lenses could easily fall out! Dr. Petri Oksman recommended A PRK-Laser operation because that would be the safest option for a fighter. It has been a week since David has his operation and his recovery is going just as planned- he will be back training in no time at all! Thank you David for trusting in Sol Eyes, we wish you good many fights ahead!

David "Lil-D" Andersen

Bodybuilding professional and world champion Paco Mula decided he didn’t want to wear glasses anymore but only wanted the best surgeon.. so he chose Dr. Petri Oksman!

Paco Mula

The "MIOL-operation" in the brand-new clinic was a great experience and my bifocal glasses were immediately thrown in the bin. The staff were friendly and professional. I was well informed about all the steps of the upcoming surgery, and afterwards was offered coffee and cognac and snacks! My Surgeon Jonathan Strauch (usa-swe) operated and also did the check-up the next morning. I recommend both the place and the procedure. Pentti K.

Pentti K.

Treveckors period med ögonproppar är över nu. Allting är i ordning och ännu bättre än bara bra. Jag använder fortfarande solglasögon under de ljusaste dagarna, oavsett att jag klarar mig utan dem också. Jag kunde säga att allting gick riktigt "Som på Strömsö". Förhandsgranskningen gick bra, allting gick enligt planerat och alla var upp till sina uppgifter. Jag blev diagnostiserad med glukom och bestämde mig för att ta proceduren lite i "förväg", och fixa min syn per kataraktoperation. Högra ögat (ledande ögat) gjordes för att se på långt håll, och vänstra (det sämre ögat) för att se nära. Operationen var över vid klockan 10 och vid 18:00 kunde jag, för första gången på flera år, se dataskärmen mycket tydligare och skarpare igen! Med hjälp av min "personliga ögondropps expert" fick jag en droppe tre gånger om dagen, en droppe för natten och en droppe på morgonen i en vecka - nu är jag ned till bara en droppe per dag kontinuerligt vilket är mot utvecklingen av glaukom. Jag har inte lidit av problem, och uppföljningsavtalen med Dr. Petri Oksman efter operationen visade att allt jag kände var riktigt! Vad kan jag säga mer?


My experience with Sol Eyes was an exciting and wonderful journey. Dr Petri and Tom made me feel at ease from the moment I entered the clinic. Dr Petri talked me through the entire operation, which was completely painless, even when I forgot to breath at times.. ( maybe I was a little nervous!! ). After the operation, I was taken care of with some tea/water and some chocolates and croissant!. He even explained everything to my partner Gerrit in the waiting room. I am soo happy without contact lenses or reading glasses!! I can recommend Sol Eyes and it’s very friendly, helpful and professional staff to everybody!! Thank you again and see you at my check-up appointment. Mrs. Els. B

Mrs. Els. B

I went to the Sol Eyes Clinic in Fuengirola on the 29th September 2017. The pre-examination was a good experience and by the 7th November I already had a surgery appointment for the Clinica Ochoa, Marbella to have the SMILE laser operation. The whole procedure was over very quickly, but whilst operating on the second eye I must admit I was hoping for it to be over already. The staff were really friendly. The first day after the operation my eyes were very light sensitive and a few days later they were running a little. After spending my last 20 years as a “four eyes" before having the operation, writing this just two weeks in from the operation I feel like I have been given completely new eyes! This easyness of life is incredible without glasses and contact lenses and the best thing is that I could buy non subscription sunglasses! Thank you Petri Oksman and Sol Eyes staff! Heidi L

Heidi L

I have nothing but good feedback to give. I am very happy and satisfied in the way I was taken in to account at Sol Eyes clinic. The staff was amazingly positive, professional, kind and helping- they made the whole happy athmosphere. Doctor Oksman is amazing, professional and gives all possible information about the treatment, compassionate and has a clear way in approaching a customer- which makes it easy to trust him. I can recommend Your services to everybody. I always feel good visiting Your clinic. A BIG THANK YOU, the vision I was given changed my whole life, it´s indescribable, that i show happy I am! I wish you all the good in future!! Kindest regards, Mrs. Terttu

Mrs. Terttu

I wore spectacles for decades. When I was introduced to the opportunity to have my eyes operated on, I was at first concerned about the cost, but after a quick calculation of the cost of all the sunglasses, reading glasses and daily spectacles I’d need to buy over the next 5 to 10 years it made complete economical sense in the long run! The operation was quick and my eyes healed very fast. I was able to return to playing football in no time at all! My life is now so much better and I can enjoy an active life without having to worry about glasses. I highly recommend Sol Eyes!

H Kari

ThermoFlo is worth trying. I had three treatments and my Dry eyes is now a former problem! I highly recommend it! Sol Eyes make you feel very welcome and their staff are friendly and very professional.

J Carola

Thank you so much Petri Osman for your perfection and precision with my trifocal eye surgery. Sol Eyes personnel expertise and experience brought me the advantage of a superior-vision. My vision is getting better each day. I sincerely recommend Sol Eyes to anyone wishing to get rid of glasses for good, like me now, its life-changing!!

Juha M

I visited your clinic and the service was very friendly and professional. Appointment booking was effortless online and my messages were replied to quickly. I also got very good instructions and advice for further treatment for the illness. I can warmly recommend Sol Eyes clinic for everybody.

Mr. Elina N

I have been very satisfied every time I visit Sol Eyes clinic. I have always got a professional, friendly and proper service. The technical equipment is modern and effective. I feel safe and in good hands.


I had a Presbyopia operation and I confess I was super scared! All the machines and equipment looked spectacular and the professionality during the whole process was spot on. It´s still hard to evaluate the final result since it´s only been two days but I am writing this without spectacles. So far so good! I walked to the hospital at 9am and checked out at 11:30am. The procedure itself only took a few minutes per eye. At this point it´s easy to ay it was all worth it even if I was scared before. Very professional package! Thumbs up

Mr. Hannu S

What can I say, it´s an awesome place! All of the team are highly professional. I had a Pesbyopia operation 2 weeks ago and already my vision is back to normal! I have even thrown a pair of contact lenses and about 3kg of spectacles in the garbage! I recommend this to everybody!!!!!!

Mr. Keijo K

Thank you Sol Eyes. I can see everything important to me again and more! The operation was a great success and now I enjoy driving again and being independent. I have already become much more confident and it’s great to be able to see the world in all it’s glory. The thought of tomorrow feels good now!

Mrs. Seija K

What else can I say other than I am very satisfied. Very professional and friendly staff. I was a little bit scared initially, because from what I had heard, operating an lower eyelid can be difficult. However everything went very well and I feel so happy again! Thank you! I highly recommend your clinic to anyone struggling with eye problems.

Mrs. Leena R

Thank you Sol Eyes, the treatment and medication you gave me really helped and my eyes feel like new again! I got treated by Blephlex on the 15.3.2017 at 14:30 and my eyes felt better and clearer immediately. In the evening at 20:30hrs my eyes were not burning or feeling as itchy anymore even if they still had a bit of redness. Slight “rigidity” could be felt while blinking and a slight crape was still in the field of view. I went to bed at around midnight and by then most of the redness and swelling had already gone, even if they still felt heavy and a bit sore. I felt some slight itching in the eyelids and the upper eyelid was peeling a little. 16.3.2017 as I woke up my eyes were clear and I was pain free. Swelling of the eyelids was gone but in the lower corner of the left eye there was some slight roughness. Feeling overall: No more itchy eyes and I am pain free! This morning my eyes feel a little tired, but the white part has it´s own colour and my vision is clear. There has been some minor itching of eyelids during the day and the upper eyelid is still peeling, but all the pain is gone. I feel relieved and thankful, because I lived in such pain for weeks out of my own stupidity believing that the “virus” would heal itself. The origin of why it all begun may remain a mystery, but right now it feels it wasn´t Simbriza at least. I will continue with my medication as I have been advised.

Mrs. Arja S

I went through a lens surgery. Six months after having it done and “living a dream” I want to thank Petri for his skilled work as surgeon and the nurses for the best service! I got a “new vision” and the freedom from spectacles- I am very happy! My recommendations!

Mrs. Päivi P