Our Specialists

Petri Oksman
Ophthalmic Surgeon
A couple of years ago, my wife and I fell in love with the climate and life of Andalucia. We decided to start an eye clinic where we...
Jonathan Strauch
Ophthalmic Surgeon
These operations help people see better and function without spectacles or contact lenses, both when they have eye disease ...
Erja Oksman
Specialist in Eye Diseases
A few years ago my husband and I fell in love with the Andalucian scenery and life and decided to buy a place to live here...
Jarmo Toivanen
MD. PhD Orthopaedic Surgeon and traumatologist
Specialises in knee and shoulder injuries and arthroscopic surgery (shoulder, hip, knee, ankle) as well as hand surgery.
Jouni Heikkilä
Specialist in traumatology and orthopedics, adjunct professor
Dr. Jouni Heikkilä specializes in trauma in the shoulder joint, knee and wrist injuries as well as achilles joint abrasions and injections.
Jan H Appelberg
MD, Specialized Doctor
Gynecological examinations and treatments, infertility examinations, hormone treatments, follow-up of pregnancy, ultrasound examinations
Timo Hakala
Surgeon, Urologist
Small surgical procedures and urological problems. (Under local anaesthesia: removal of birthmarks, lumps, inward bent nails etc. Recto and proctoscopy examinations)
Sanna García Pérez
Musculoskeletal physiotherapy, Lymphatic drainage, Neurologic physiotherapy, Pelvic floor therapy, Massage, Kinesiotaping, Physio pilates coach.
Minna Landén
Medical Cosmetologist
Medical special facials, Dermalpen microneedle, BB Glow, Plasma Pen non-surgical facelift, Hyaluron Pen fillers and Microblading brows.