Experienced specialists will take good care of you.

Sol Eyes specializes in world-class ophthalmology and eye surgery across our international clinical practices. It was founded and is managed by experienced Scandinavian eye surgeons. To offer you the best services, we provide you with first class premises, with the most advanced examination and surgical equipment, as well as the experience gained from decades of treating patients and performing tens of thousands of surgeries.

At Sol Eyes, you will be examined and treated by our experienced specialists.



You can make an appointment by calling us on +34 952 47 00 73, or by sending us an email at info(at) – please let us know the reason for the appointment and the week that would suit you, and whether you prefer a morning or afternoon appointment; we will send you a list of appointments for you to choose.


Why to visit the eye doctor?

An ophthalmologist is a professional of vision and the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, who will also provide you with a subscription for glasses if necessary.

Information on symptoms

Information on eye diseases


What happens at the appointment?

The doctor will ask you questions about your health, any medications you may be taking and any symptoms regarding your eyes. After the examination, the doctor will tell you the findings of the examination, possibly give you a prescription for glasses or discuss the benefits of eye surgery with you, as well as recommend how often you should have your eyes controlled.


When is it urgent to see a doctor?

Request an urgent appointment if:
– you experience a sensation of flashing lights
– your vision deteriorates suddenly
– you experience floaters in your vision, like a blizzard of black snow
– you have redness and pain in your eye
– in case of an accident
– you experience a shadow in your vision.

Information on eye diseases