The latest and best technology for the health of your eyes.

To diagnose even minor disorders in your eyes, our specialists use the most advanced examination equipment.
The examinations are simple to attend, they are quick and easy, and the patient should not worry about the examination in advance. Utiziling our solid experience and the latest technology we will be able to examine and treat your eyes in the best possible way.

Examination by an eye specialist

In the eye examination, our experienced specialist on the Costa del Sol will ask you questions about your eye health history, possible diseases and medications. We use a tonometer to measure your intraocular pressure and special lenses to examine the fundus of your eye to diagnose possible disorders in the optic nerve or retina.

The risk of eye diseases increases with age, which is why regular specialist examinations are necessary when symptoms of presbyopia start to occur, usually around the age of 45. The health of your eyes and having a normal field of vision are also important aspects when renewing your driver’s license, for your safety and for the safety of other people.

Pre-operative examination

Our eye surgeon will utilize the experience gained from tens of thousands of surgeries to examine you. Discussion with the patient has an important role in determining whether the patient is a candidate for eye surgery. For different surgeries we utilize different equipment. We are using the latest technologies to examine your eyes. The diagnosis will be explained to you in detail. You will understand what we are doing and why we are doing it, for the benefit of your eyes and vision.

Treatment package

Packages are recommended for patients who have been diagnosed with an eye disease that requires treatment and control. It can make a difference who performs the treatments and where they are performed. As such we recommend regular examinations by our experienced specialists, using the latest modern equipment. This enables us to ensure that your eyes and vision receive the best possible treatment. Regular examinations as a package will offer you the benefit of peace of mind regarding eye health and slightly lower price.

Check ups

Having an experienced spcialist perform the check ups is the best way to achieve and maintain good results after the surgery. Possible rare disorders in the healing process can be diagnosed at an early stage, and the specialist can ensure that they will not affect your vision. The number of check ups needed depends on the type of surgery and on individual characteristics of the patient. Our aim is that the patient will only need to have the necessary amount of check ups.

Examinations for a driver's license

Driving requires good vision.

Our Eye Examination Methods

Find out about the different eye examination methods our specialists at Soleyes provide from Biometric Measurement to Argon Laser here in Marbella & Fuengirola