Who is a good candiate for laser surgery

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If you want more freedom in your life without glasses or contact lenses, laser surgery is the choice for you.

At Sol Eyes we will utilize the reliable LASIK method and the experience of tens of thousands of surgeries to treat your eyes.


Myopia (nearsightedness) and mild hyperopia (farsightedness) can be treated effectively with refractive surgery. The refractive errors to be corrected are measured by an eye specialist, and at the same appointment the specialist will perform the necessary cornea measurements.


The errors that can be corrected are -0.50 - -12.0 in myopia, 0.5D-5.0D in astigmatism and 0 - +3.0D in hyperopia. The errors greater than those are usually corrected by lens surgery. This can be clarified in an appointment.


Presbyopia and laser surgery

Presbyopia cannot be treated with refractive laser surgery, but it can be taken into account when planning the targets of the surgery. A mild myopia can be left in the non-leading eye to ease seeing near. In most cases patients will need to use reading glasses in spite of this. Actual presbyopia can be corrected with lens replacement surgery. Make an appointment with one of the Sol Eyes specialists to discuss this in more detail.